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Welcome to Addiblog.com, I Appreciate for taking time to visit addiblog.com about page.

Here you will know about Addiblog.com and Me (Faran Saghar).

Man Behind Addiblog

I am Faran Saghar, Founder of This Entertainment and Technology Blog Addiblog.  I am a professional blogger from last 7 years. I have started many blogs, some stopped for some reason and some running properly. And thinking to start a new project. I will tell about this project later to whole world. Thats now a secret.

My life become ups and down many time, But now continuing my Blogging journey. In 2015 I get success in blogging. I Earned $1600 in a Month with adsense and few affiliate program. This is the time i realized to continue blogging and never quit.

That time i also added subdomains in this. and my site Alexa rank goes 50k world wide..

I first started a blog in 2009 with free Blogspot. This time i don’t know anything about blogging But somewhere in internet i read about Blogspot to create free website. I just created a website with my name with this free google service. .

you can contact me via email at farank1000 at gmail.com

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