How To Unlock Yourself On Whatsapp If Someone Blocked You

It’s Sometimes Annoying when you find Yourself In Such Situations.

Well,In This Article We shall learn a very Simple trick On “How To Unlock Yourself On Whatsapp If Someone Blocked You”

Many People Think This Isn’t possible but remember the proof of the pudding is in the eating and nothing is impossible in this technological World.

Not Wasting Much time, Let’s get rolling..

How To Unlock Yourself On Whatsapp If Someone Blocked You

  • Write Down Your Blocker’s Phone Number Saved on your phone and then delete it from your phone..
  • Back Up Your Chats,I believe You already know How to back up Whatsapp chats (Messages and Media files)

Assuming You don’t know how to back Up Whatsapp Chats (Both Messages and Media files) Onto Google Drive Backup

How To Create A Google Drive Back up Of Your Whatsapp Chats.

1.With Your Whatsapp being Launched,Go to Menu Button>> Settings >> Chats >> Chat Backup.

2.You then click on ‘Back Up Google Drive..

3.You Shall see a screen to select A Google accounts that you will like to backup your chats history to.

4.Tap Back Up By choosing the network you wish to Use for the Backup.(WiFi/Cellular).

  • Now Delete Your Whatsapp Account,(Go To Settings On Your Whatsapp and delete your Account.
  • By Deleting Your Number (Your Whatsapp Account) All your Informations are being wiped off from WhatsApp Database, Technically, You can not block someone who does not have a Whatsapp Account.

The Person who blocked you will no longer have you on their list(There will be only an INVITE Option Attached to Your Number in the persons List).

  • Clear Your Whatsapp Data>> Go To Settings on your Phone, >> App >> Whatsapp and clear Data.
  • Reactivate Your Whatsapp with The same number you deleted it’s Account.(You are registering as a new user)
  • Restore Chats:This is where you need the Backup…(If You don’t what to loss Your Chats history) Use That same Google Account You used for the backup.

>>>After The Verification Process,You will be prompted To restore your messages and Media from Google drive.

>>>when the restoration process is through,Tap next , Your Chats should be displaying once initialization is complete.

You can Now Save The Contact you deleted from your Phone…Look For Him/Her then sneak into their DM…. LoL…

Isn’t That Easy???? Share this with friends and family…

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