Javed Akhtar believes art in Pakistan, India should not be restricted

LAHORE-Javed Akhtar, veteran poet, lyricist and screenwriter, says that curtailing art in the name of damage to culture is wrong and that should not happen in Pakistan or India.

During a media interaction, Akhtar challenged Pakistan’s Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar ‘s recent controversy that the Supreme Court would not allow Indian content to be shown on Pakistani TV channels because it ” damages their culture. ”

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Akhtar said, “This is all wrong, there shouldn’t be any such talks coming from here, neither from there, as well. There are so many good serials which come from there (Pakistan) and they should be able to telecast here but they don’t, and our good programmes should be able to telecast there, and why should not they telecast over there and which culture is getting damaged? Neither their’s, nor our culture could get damaged.”

Akhtar said that statements like these are wrong and the path of art should not be restricted.

He added: “These are just talks and people keep on jabbering about something or the other, someone does not want Ghulam Ali to come to India, and people from Pakistan keep on saying something else, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle haven’t been able to go to Pakistan.”

“In India, people don’t want Pakistani artistes, this is all wrong. As far as art and culture is concerned, whether people from Pakistan or from India, every avenue and path should be open for it.”

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