PayPal or a Similar Platform Will Launch in 3-4 Months: Asad Umar

paypal or Smiliar in Pakistan

Pakistan has millions of freelancers

working online however they have to work on cheap rates as they don’t have access to any financial platform like PayPal to easily bring the revenue home. Those who do, either rely on third-party brokers or use illegal accounts.

One of the promises made by Asad Umar and PTI was to increase “ease of doing business” coupled. “Empowerment of Youth” was also one of the main agendas for the party.

Talking to a private TV channel, the finance minister said that he was a part of a meeting yesterday where this issue was raised. He said the government is working on the issue and he hopes that either PayPal or a similar service will be operational in Pakistan within 3-4 months.

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Mr Asad Umar said

there is a lot of talent in Pakistan’s youth and they can earn a lot of revenue while working from home.

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