Roman Reigns Rumors: Reason why former Universal Champion might return to WWE sooner than expected

As per the latest Observer Radio (via, Dave Meltzer spoke to doctors who stated that said that Roman Reigns filming a movie so soon after announcing his diagnosis is a sign his leukaemia is “not a deadly form” and “with that form he would be wrestling soon”, so a relatively quick comeback is not out of the question.

This certainly comes as great news for just Reigns, but all his fans who are waiting for the return of the Grand Slam champion.

In case you didn’t know…

Roman Reigns has been out of action ever since he relinquished his Universal Championship on the October 22nd edition of RAW announcing to the whole world that he his leukaemia has returned and he will need to take time off for treatment. His treatment had started on October 19th itself.

Recently, a photo surfaced of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Reigns filming for the upcoming movie Hobbs & Shaw, which is a spin-off of the superhit Fast and Furious franchise. The movie will see Roman Reigns play the role of Dwayne Johnson’s brother.

The heart of the matter

When the former WWE Champion had announced his condition, the severity was not known, and neither was the time for which The Big Dog may be out of action.

However, by filming the movie it is clear that Roman Reigns might be able to re-join the active roster soon if all goes well.

What’s next?

‘Hobbs and Shaw’ is set to premiere this summer and it is certainly an exciting prospect to see the two former WWE Champions play brothers in this high action movie.

This movie might also open the gateway for Reigns to dedicate more time to movies, much like The Rock and John Cena have done in the past.

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