Will return to Pakistan soon: Ayan Ali

Model Ayyan Ali announced on Thursday that she will return to Pakistan soon, saying she was wrongly implicated in the money laundering case without evidence.

Ayyan Ali was arrested from Islamabad airport while leaving for Dubai on March 14, 2015, and $506,000 were recovered from her possession.

Speaking to News channel , the model said that she faced severe allegations without proof and she didn’t cause any damage to Pakistan and its people.

“There were two others present with me at the airport in the video, why weren’t they caught? They didn’t face any investigation and were not taken into custody,” she said.

Ayyan said that she has changed her team of lawyers in the case. She further said that she has been facing mental ailments and once even had a minor heart attack.

The model said that upon her return she will duly respond to all the statements made against her.

In November 2015, Ayyan pleaded guilty when she was indicted for attempting to smuggle more than half a million dollars in cash out of the country.

Ayyan’s name was also put on the Exit Control List (ECL) which was finally lifted in February this year by the interior ministry, after which she was able to fly out of the country.

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