Zulfi Bukhari Inaugurates Naya Pakistan Calling Portal

Zulfi Bukhari and adviser of Prime Minister Imran Khan over Overseas Pakistanis has inaugurated Naya Pakistan Web Portal today. The inauguration ceremony was held in OPF building. Zulfi Bukhari addressed the participants on the occasion and put the light on the benefits of Naya Pakistan Calling Portal benefits.

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Zulfi Bukhari told that Naya Pakistan portal has been designed to enable Overseas Pakistanis to work actively for the betterment of their motherland. He further added that PM Imran Khan declared Overseas Pakistanis as the biggest national asset so it has been decided to enable them participate in the development of Pakistan.

Zulfi Bukhari stated that Naya Pakistan Calling will provide a platform to the overseas Pakistan where they can drop their CV’s and their services will be hired to bring change in the country. Overseas Pakistanis will be selected as per their area of expertise and will be assigned some specific jobs to bring change in the country.

Zulfi Bukhari informed the audience that same formula was used around 40 years back in China when it decided to use its citizens working abroad to come back with their expertise and work for the betterment of their mother land. China then gave honorary contracts to those experts according to their area of interest and they made what China is today. Same Chinese formula have been planned to be implemented in Pakistan to become Naya Pakistan dream true.

As there are almost 9 Million Pakistanis are working abroad who are always keen to do something for their mother land. So Naya Pakistan Calling is way to attract such eligible and hard worker Pakistanis who are keen to work in Pakistan. Such overseas will be given a chance to work in Provinces and at Federal level and will be awarded -12 month honorary projects to show their expertise in them.

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